The Blue Evil Eye in Turkey

Every nation has superstitions of which some originated thousands of years ago. A popular belief existing in many corners of society is the evil eye. A look can cause pain, injury, or bad luck to anyone on the receiving end. People who are envious or simply believe that a person does not deserve the good […]

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar: 10 Things to Buy & Shopping Tips

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar (Kapalıçarşı in Turkish) is one of the world’s greatest shopping destinations and, spanning 30,700 square meters, the largest covered market in the entire world. The bazaar began its life in 1461 and steadily expanded, swallowing up surrounding ground over the centuries of Ottoman rule. A visit here is not simply about shopping […]

History and Architecture in Ankara

Did you know that Ankara is the capital of Turkey? It is and is located in the northwestern part of the city and was known formerly as Angora. When the city was exactly founded is debatable, but some archaeological evidence refers to the stone age. The city has been through a lot; it was conquered […]

Interesting facts about Istanbul

 Turkey, a country home to unique cultural diversities lying in both Asia and Europe. It has long acted as a bridge between those two continents throughout history. But we can’t really talk about Turkey without mentioning Istanbul. Istanbul is its largest city lying in both Europe and Asia. It is considered as its historical heart […]

Turkish Tea

If Italy is famous for its pizza and pasta, Turkey is famous for its tea. Tea is very popular with turks; they prefer it day or night and on every possible occasion. The standard Turkish tea is black and is served in see-through tulip shaped glasses with a small plate underneath it. These glasses are […]